Great Free Videos to Share in Childbirth Classes

Effective childbirth educators know that offering families many different ways to learn during class is important.  We all work hard to have an assortment of activities to engage and interest all the learners who join us for classes.  I know I have lots of different ideas that I would love to implement, especially if money was no object.  Unfortunately, I do have a supplies budget and it doesn't stretch far.  That is why I love finding and curating free videos available to me on the internet that help me to have interesting and effective teaching points to reinforce with the families in my class.  I am sharing some of my favorites today, here with you as well as some suggested by LCCE colleagues Deena Blumenfeld, Robin Elise Weiss, Angela Garvin and Jessica English.

I certainly need to start with the six short but very useful Lamaze International Six Healthy Birth Practices videos.  These videos support the evidence based birth practices that are the fundamentals of of a safe and healthy birth.  You can refer parents to the Lamaze International parents site here, or catch them on the professionals' side here.

Sometimes, families need to have a cesarean, whether planned or unplanned. Cesarean births can still celebrate the moment and families can request and experience a family friendly cesarean.  This video out of the United Kingdom highlights what it means to welcome a baby during a gentle cesarean.


Families often laugh when I demonstrate some of the helpful noises that laboring people can make.  I like to show this video, also from the United Kingdom, which offers a wide variety of noises made by people as they birth.  Some are unusual and this video offers an opportunity for great discussion after viewing.


This short video was prepared by a group of doulas and demonstrates so many wonderful positions that a birthng person can be in if they are laboring in bed.  Creative and effective, I like sharing this with my classes.


The esteemed Penny Simkin has many videos that I enjoy showing.  One of my favorites has to do with encouraging families to sing to their babies in utero.  Connecting with the baby in this way has many benefits and the song becomes familiar. When sung after birth, it can help calm a baby down and reduce the stress hormones that may be present during unpleasant experiences.  We covered this topic in a prior two part Science & Sensibility post here and here.


For the young people birthing today, they will enjoy these two videos showing some well known contemporary dance moves - The Twerk and The Whip and Nae-Nae.  Movement is so good for promoting labor and who doesn't like to dance? What these laboring people shake it to help promote labor and birth.



This video from Italy is a bit edgy, as it discussed how sex might work (or not) under the conditions that we require people to birth under.  It does show a simulated lovemaking scene, but there is nothing inappropriate about it.  You know your audience best, but I think it is very effective in talking about selecting a supportive health care provider and location.


This collaboration, Everyday Miracles,  from Mother's Advocate and Lamaze International shows several people birthing in upright positions and demonstrates the emotional and physical work that happens during labor and birth.  It always brings a tear to many who view it.


Research shows over and over the importance of being in an upright position to birth.  This animation from a birth stool company clearly demonstrates through great graphics the benefits of getting off the sacrum and letting gravity aid in the process of labor and birth.


This is one of my longtime favorites from Lamaze International.  Push for Your Baby! is a super video about self advocacy and being flexible during a labor and birth.  It profiles seven people's stories and sets up your class for some great discussions.


Late last year, I reviewed some commercial videos available for purchase from the Healthy Children's Project.  There is also a short but beautiful trailer available for free online from the same organization.  Happy Birth Day is a simply wonderful not quite three minute video that leaves viewers warm and fuzzy as well as demonstrates many best practices such as movement in labor and immediate skin to skin.


What are your favorite free, public videos to share in your childbirth classes.  I would love to have you share them in our comments section so all the blog readers can curate their own collections.  What are the videos you cannot live without as an educator?


A few of my favourite videos!

January 25, 2017 12:21 AM by Tanya Strusberg

This was a great blog Sharon, thanks for compiling such a great collection of videos! I'd like to share two others that I really enjoy using in my classes. The first is a vlog that went viral last year after a gorgeous Canadian couple filmed the labour and birth of their second child. The labour starts at home and eventually they go to the birthing centre where their gorgeous son is born in the water. I show the video (which I have edited slightly purely for time constraints) and have developed it into a group activity. While the group is watching the clip, I ask them to make notes (on paper, their phones etc) of all the comfort measures and relaxation techniques that they observe. It's a great revision activity once they've learned about comfort measures, and seeing them used in a real labour and birth (especially one as beautiful as this one) is a great way to promote the HBP's and show couples that birth is not the crazy, hysterical screaming, emergency-waiting-to-happen experience that they've been conditioned to believe it is. Here is the link to the video: 
Another video clip I really love to show is when we are discussing postpartum anxiety and depression. This is an Australian clip, but I think it is so honest and real and would definitely have universal appeal. It's the trailer for a 1-hour educational DVD produced by an Australian organisation called The Gidget Foundation that is dedicated to raising awareness of PPMD's. The video is free to use for educational purposes as well - you can contact them to request a copy if you would like to view the full hour-long film. Here's the link to the trailer;

Free video links

January 25, 2017 01:13 PM by Renece Waller-Wise

This is a great group of videos. I plan to use one of these tomorrow night when I teach.  I also like to use the video "Open Minds to Birth". It is an older professional video that has been uploaded to YouTube in several parts.  It consists of three birth segments.  The third has been uploaded as single episode.  The first is in a couple of parts, but I just show them one after the other when I use that video. The middle segment is a VBAC again in several parts.  

Thank you

January 28, 2017 12:06 AM by Jamie

I LOVE this post. Thank you for the great ideas. I will be incorporating some of these into my classes!

I also like this Global Health Media video on good breastfeeding attachment since this is a common issue among new mothers  It is the best video I've found on this subject thus far! 


February 13, 2017 07:15 AM by Linda J. Middlekauff, RN, BSN, LCCE

Hi Sharon!  Thank you so much for sharing the free videos a few of which I was unfamiliar.  I have a few more suggestions:  Emotional Live Birth Vlog w The Lindquists is great!  There's even a segment on a miscarriage between her first & second pregnancies.  Healthy Birth Your Way:  6 Healthy Birth Practices was overlooked.

I form a secret FB page for each of my classes and can show some of these between classes if I ran out of time in class or want to expand on something else shown or discussed already.

Great videos

February 13, 2017 08:30 AM by Becky Blakeslee

Thank you so much for the great collection of videos.  I know it will be really useful for my classes.  

Great Videos- made me tear up!

April 26, 2017 11:13 AM by Anna Linares

Thank you for sharing this. It gave me warm fuzzies and I did cry, but it was a happy cry. 

I started thinking about the why, in the crying, aside from seeing happy families and squishy babies. I cried at the seeing the empowerment, and it wasn't just about the birthing people. It was also about their families and support they had. It made me so happy to see that these families were taking their birthing experience into their hands. What is so encouraging about a lot of these videos is that you see nurses, midwives, doctors, letting birthing people decide for themselves, to really listen to their bodies. 

The most memorable one is the cesarean video. It was so wonderful to hear the doctor say that a c-section can be made special for the parents and that is feasible to make it work for the parents. That it is a matter of mindset and not just how you do it. To hear a care provider really want to advocate for the parents and their happiness is uplifting.

I think these videos reinforce all the Lamaze healthy birth practices and  I would use these in my future classes.

I started thinking of some good videos to use at the beginning  of a CBE class to create connection with partners and labor support people. I came across this which  I thought was light hearted and funny. 

Men React to Pregnancy Facts:

My favorite part was when one of the participants comments that in this day and age we get so amazed by our Iphones and all this  advanced technology, but the most advanced thing in the world are our bodies. I loved that comment

I also know that this video may be exclusive to people who may identify a certain way or LGBTQ families in a class possibly, but I would want to make this a gateway to have them participate and share what their reaction has been to their partner's pregnancy or their awareness of things they have learned of pregnancy and how it impacts them. 

I also found this video which I think is a great visual for showing pregnancy's impact on the pregnant person's body. 

Its from an exhibit in the Museum of Science and industry in Chicago. I think it would be a great interactive visual to show in class.

I would want my students to walk away feeling full of possibilities with all this knowledge and facts available to them to help them have a great birth.






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