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english-home-birth-3.jpgConsumers and professionals alike recognize that more and more families every year are making the educated decision to have an out of hospital birth.  In recent years, there has been a steady increase in parents choosing to birth with midwives at home or a local birth center.  This is a responsible and educated choice for healthy low risk people.  Research supports out of hospital birth as a safe option

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when the parent and the baby have experienced an uneventful pregnancy and are considered low risk.  Despite the best evidence available, many opinions to the contrary are often shared and discussions on this topic can certainly get heated and quickly escalate into a non-professional lobbing of electronic accusations and anectodes for all to read. No one benefits from misinformation and personal opinions stated as fact.

For many years, Lamaze International has shared, reviewed and discussed research articles on the topic of out of hospital birth  Experts, including researchers, midwives, doctors and others have offered their professional opinions of the information as it becomes available.

Childbirth educators and other birth professionals have a responsibility to stay up to date with current information,  They should also be able to direct interested families to sources for reliable facts.

I have compiled some of the recent articles that we have run on Science & Sensibility on the topic of out of hospital births and listed them here.  Families interested in experiencing a physiologic birth can read and research and determine what type of birth place and health care provider feels right to them, interview midwives and doctors and make an informed decision.  

Science & Sensibility Articles on Home Birth

What are your favorite resources for accurate information on out of hospital birth?  What do you share with students and clients about this topic?  Please let us know in the comments section.  I would very much like to hear how others discuss this in childbirth class or with clients.

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Homebirth Information resources

May 13, 2016 09:06 AM by Amy V. Haas, BCCE

local Birth Networks often have pages with inforamtion about Homebirth. Our local one - Rochester Area Birth Network maintains a list of the latest well constructed studies: http://rabn.org/wordpress/birth-options/homebirth/

Links are included whenever possible, and often copies of the studies themselves are available upon request.

Cheers! Amy :>)

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