Series: Building Your Birth Business - Online Class Presenting Partner Program

online class hero.jpgI hope this post finds you enjoying a small break from teaching childbirth classes during the holiday season.  This is a great time to consider a tune-up of your perinatal business and consider adding value-added products and services to your offerings to expectant and new families in 2019.

Lamaze International has made it simple to share their online parent classes with your clients through their Online Class Presenting Partner Program.  This program allows you to share evidence-based, engaging online curriculum with the families you work with in addition to the in-person classes that you already offer.

How this program benefits your students 

  • Parents are made aware of classes on a variety of topics relevant to them.
  • Material is presented using engaging and relevant presentation methods.
  • Classes can be accessed 24/7 at each family's convenience.
  • Online classes can supplement what they are learning in your classes.
  • Participants can repeat online classes as often as they like to build confidence.

How this program benefits you 

  • You can offer classes on topics that you do not teach in-person.
  • Direct your families to an early pregnancy class while they wait for your in-person class to begin.
  • Families can learn about parenting and breast/chestfeeding while returning to work after your classes are over.
  • Your classes can be supplemented by additional online learning, increasing confidence in your students.
  • Students who miss an in-person class can use the online classes as a makeup class.
  • You receive 20% of all registrations purchased through your custom registration link.
  • If families are unable to schedule and attend your in-person classes, you can offer them online classes instead.

Online classes available

  • Prepared for Pregnancy: Start Off Right
  • Sex During Pregnancy and Beyond
  • Prepared for Pregnancy
  • Parenting Together: Starting Off Strong
  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC): Informed and Ready
  • Breastfeeding Basics: From Birth to Back to Work
  • Bringing Home Baby
  • Safe and Healthy Birth: Six Simple Steps
  • Labor Pain Management: Techniques for Comfort and Coping
  • Labor Confidence with Lamaze
  • Positive Parenting for the Early Years - Birth to Age 4 

How to participate

Head over to the Lamaze International Online Class Presenting Partner Program and read the Online Class Presenting Partner Agreement.  You can then submit an application here.  Lamaze will process your application and provide you with your custom referral link and banner images that can be used on your website and social media platforms.  You are then ready to start offering families online classes that help them to have a safe and healthy birth knowing that they are being exposed to evidence-based information that they can use now and during their labor, birth and early parenting time.

Feedback from a current educator

Alice Turner, a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator in Atlanta, Georgia is an Online Class Presenting Partner and had this to say about the program: "I like the program because I am able to expand my client offerings without setting up another class. For example, I don’t currently teach a VBAC class but want to send my clients to a good resource. The Lamaze partnership program fills this need. The extra income helps out! Every little bit adds up."

Sign up now

With 2019 right around the corner, considering adding this great benefit to your business offerings. Regardless of whether you are an independent educator or work for a hospital program, there is no reason not to join the Online Class Presenting Partner Program now and begin to connect families with all the online classes Lamaze International has to offer. Remember to share on your website and in program materials that you receive a small fee for classes purchased through your affiliate link.  Families will be glad to participate in these quality online offerings and support your business at the same time.


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