We Want Your Stories: Healthy Birth Around the World

Giving Birth With Confidence’s Cara Terreri has just issued a call for international birth stories–for a new series entitled, “Healthy Birth Aroundhttp://forms.lamaze.org/portals/0/images/scienceandsensibility/2011/04/earth.jpg the World.”

Says Terreri, “Our hope is to be able to enlighten and encourage moms and families with stories that show how birth is different — and in many ways, exactly the same — as it is in their own country.”

Here at Science & Sensibility, we’re inviting birth professionals from around the world to shareyour stories of healthy birth.  Childbirth educators, doulas, midwives, doctors…bring us your anecdotes of Healthy Birth Around the World.  Submit your stories tokmh[at]pregnancytoparenthood[dot]org by Wednesday, April 20 and watch for the collection of stories to role out the following week.

*If you are a parent with a memorable story of a healthy birth to share, go here for details on submission.

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