Waiting for a Baby - A Poem to Share with Those Anxious to Meet Their Newborn

At this time of year, waiting for a baby can be extra challenging and often comes with a lot of pressure from friends, family and health care providers to interfere with the natural timing that comes with waiting for the baby to start the labor. Lamaze International’s first Healthy Birth Practice – Let Labor Begin On Its Own reinforces that in the absence of medical problems, it is best to wait for baby to start the labor.

I like to share the following poem with my students and clients, to help them weather through the last weeks and days.  As many of us gather with friends and family at this time, sharing traditions and good times, on behalf of myself, all the Science & Sensibility contributors, and Lamaze International, I would like to wish you all the happiest of holidays. – Sharon Muza, Community Manager, Science & Sensibility

poem 2015

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