Viva La Evidence - A Great Lighthearted Parody on Evidence Based Medicine

Photo: Viva La Evidence video by J. MCormack

Photo: Viva La Evidence video by J. MCormack

Lamaze International and Science & Sensibility are all about supporting and promoting evidence based practice and evidence based health care. Here at Science & Sensibility, our mission is to help both professionals and consumers understand research and to encourage readers to view studies with a critical eye.   We believe that when best practice maternal/infant care is based on evidence and solid research, mothers and babies benefit.  Birth professionals have a responsibility to understand research and be able to share best practice information with the families we work with.

Today, I would like to share a fun music video parody “Viva La Evidence” set to Cold Play’s Viva La Vida (a song both my teenagers recognized and commented on, until they realized this video’s lyrics were a bit different!) created by James McCormack, PhD.  Dr. McCormack is on the faculty at the University of British Columbia and in cooperation with Mike Kolber, MD, creates informative and very funny podcasts and videos through  Therapeutics Education Collaboration. The purpose of the TEC is to “provide physicians, pharmacists, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, naturopathic physicians, other health professionals, and the public with current, evidence-based, practical and relevant information on rational drug therapy.” All done with a healthy dose of humor!

Science & Sensibility has had lots of posts on our blog over the years that can help birth professionals to better understand research and evaluate studies for themselves with a critical eye.  We have also had wonderful contributors who have explained research studies and helped us to understand them better.  I am very appreciative for all the time and energy freely shared by the professionals who have written for this blog.

Here is some more information for you to have at your fingertips:

Becoming a Critical Reader: An introduction

Becoming a Critical Reader: Bias, Bias Everywhere!

Becoming a Critical Reader: Journal papers that aren’t studies

Becoming a Critical Reader: Questions to ask about systemic reviews and meta-analyses

Becoming a Critical Reader: Questions to Ask About Literature Reviews

Becoming a Critical Reader: Questions to Ask About Qualitative Research

Becoming a Critical Reader: Questions to Ask About Quantitative Research

Becoming a Critical Reader: Questions to Ask About Original Research

Becoming a Critical Reader: The Five Basic Questions

Understanding Methodologies: Why Methods Matter

Understanding Methodology: The Basics of Sampling

Understanding Methodology: Elements of Experimental Design

Tracking Down Studies: Going Around Obstacles

Tracking Tools: Follow the Herd

Basic Tracking Skills: How to find what you’re hunting for

Hunting Grounds: Where to look for studies

Happy 20th Anniversary to the Cochrane Collaboration!

great video tutorial by Rebecca Dekker on how to search using the Cochrane Library

(Remember, Lamaze International members get free access to the Cochrane Collaboration as a member benefit.)

Enjoy the video parody, a bit of lightheartedness for us all during the holiday season.

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Viva La Evidence - A Great Lighthearted Parody on Evidence Based Medicine

January 2, 2014 07:00 AM by Michele L. Ondeck, MEd, RN, LCCE, FACCE
Entertaining video to share with childbirth educators and nurses in our Lamaze programs to help understand research and get the importance of evidence-based practice. Thanks for the list of previous S&S post on research. I tried to compile a list myself recently and see I missed some.

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