Lamaze International is Grateful for You!


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Here in the USA, many people are celebrating Thanksgiving today with families and friends.  At Lamaze International and Science & Sensibility, we are grateful for the dedicated professionals who reach out and meet families where they are at with evidenced-based information to help them have safe and healthy pregnancies, labors and births and a smooth transition to early parenting.  We are thankful for the engaging activities that you all provide, the community and relationships that you support and for your commitment to the families that you work with.

At times, it may seem like we are fighting an uphill battle to improve maternal-infant health and outcomes.  But with each and every one of us leaning in, working together and sharing resources, we can and will make a difference.

As the community blog manager, I am grateful for the readers of this blog who come from all around the world, those that take the time to comment and share and for the talented writers who are willing to contribute their ideas, time and knowledge to creating content that helps us all to be better birth professionals.

No matter how you are choosing to spend today, or where you are located across the globe, please accept our deepest gratitude and thanks for your effort and time to make this world a better place for families everywhere.

Sharon Muza on behalf of the entire Lamaze International Board of Directors, staff and volunteers,


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