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October 16-18: Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) , Albuquerque, NM

October 13- November 30: GOLD Perinatal Online Conference 2015, online

September 28-October 3: Hypnobabies 2015 Birth Professionals Retreat, The Big Island, HI

September 17-20: Joint ICEA-Lamaze Conference, Las Vegas, NV

September 9-11: Health Connect One’s National Action Summit, Chicago, IL

August 7-8: DONA Virtual Conference

July 22 – 25: ILCA 30th Anniversary Conference & Annual Meeting in Washington, DC

July 13-15: Post CAPPA Conference 20 Hour Lactation Educator Workshop, Tucson, AZ

July 10-12: Annual CAPPA Conference, Tucson, AZ

June 27-July 1: ACNM Annual Meeting and Exhibition, National Harbor, MD

June 15-17: Normal Birth: Into the Future – Normal Labour and Birth, Grange Over Sands, Lake District, UK

June 13-17: 2015 AWHONN Convention, Long Beach, CA

May 29-31: Homebirth Australia Conference, Melbourne, Victoria

May 22-24: SQUATfest, New Orleans, LA

May 15: Breastfeeding Support: It Takes a Village, Stockton, CA

May 12: Partners in Perinatal Health, Norwood, MA

May 6-7: Breastfeeding: California Grown, Roseville, CA

May 2: Birth in Portlandia – NACEF, Portland, OR

May 1-3: 20 Hour Lactation Educator Workshop, Redondo Beach, CA

April 13-June 1: GOLD Lactation Online Conference 2015, online

April 10-11: Inland Northwest Birth Professionals Conference, Spokane, WA

March 27-29: 20 hour Lactation Educator Workshop, Rumson, NJ

March 24, 2015: Doula UK Conference, Birmingham, UK

March 20: REACHE Conference, Seattle, WA

March 18-22: Midwifery Today Conference, Eugene, OR

March 12-14: 20 hour Lactation Educator Workshop, Tarpon Springs, FL

March 5-6: Safe Infant Sleep Conference, Pasadena, CA

February 26-28: 20 hour Lactation Educator Workshop,  Port Orchard, WA

February 17-March 31: GOLD Midwifery Online Conference 2015, online


November 14: Michigan Breastfeeding Network Summit in Detroit, MI

November 8-9: Dancing for Birth Instructor Training, San Diego, CA

October 23-26: MANA 2014 Conference, St. Louis, MO

October 1 – 4: Birth and Beyond Conference in London, ON, Canada

October 1-2: Maternal Child Health Conference, Indianapolis, IN

September 30: Trauma in the Perinatal Period, Indianapolis, IN

September 18-21: Lamaze & DONA Confluence, Kansas City, MO

September 10-14: ICEA Conference; Back to Our Roots: Changing Practices, Empowering Lives, Asheville, NC

July 11 – 13: CAPPA: Staying Grounded, Growing Strong in Charlotte, NC

June 14-18: 2014 AWHONN Convention, Orlando, FL

May 15: 25th Annual Iowa Breastfeeding Conference, Des Moines, IA

May 13-17: ACNM Annual Meeting and Exhibition, Denver, CO

May 6-7: Partners in Perinatal Health, Norwood, MA

April 6-9: NASPOG Annual Meeting, Columbus, OH

March 28: Whose Birth Is It? Balancing Evidence, Expectation, Culture and Choice, Lynnwood, WA

March 27 – 30: Perinatal Support Group Facilitator Training at Bastyr University, San Diego, CA

March 26: Supporting NJ’s Birth Plan, New Brunswick, NJ

March 20-21: Breastfeeding and Feminism International Conference, Chapel Hill, NC

March 8: Empowering Fearless Birth TN, Murfreesboro, TN

March 6-7: Building Blocks: Creating Baby Friendly Hospitals & Communities, Albuquerque, NM

March 4-6, Racial Justice or “Just Us”? Birth and Breastfeeding Conference, Washington DC

March 1: A Physiologic Approach to Childbirth, Salt Lake City, UT

February 21-21, From Trauma to Triumph: When Survivors Give Birth Advanced Practitioner Training, Lafayette, CO

February 10 – 14: Foundations for Best Practice in Lactation Care, Mercer Island, WA

February 8 – 9:  When Survivors Give Birth at Bastyr University, San Diego, CA

February 7-9: Spinning Babies, Mesa, AZ

January 25 – 26: When Survivors Give Birth at Bastyr University, San Diego, CA

January 16: Beyond Birth Outcomes: How Stress and Racism Impact the Generations, Bellevue, WA


November 14-17:  Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health’s  Annual Conference On Birth Psychology in Asilomar, CA

November 6-9:  Birth and Beyond Conference in London, ON, Canada

November 6-8: Perinatal Mental Health Conference, Chicago, IL

November 2 – 6: American Public Health Association Conference in Boston MA

October 25 – 27: CAPPA Anniversary Conference in Destin, FL

October 24 – 27: Midwives Alliance of North America Annual Conference in Portland, OR

October 24 – 25: PSI PMAD Training, Grand Rapids, MI

October 18: Lactation Update with Marie Biancuzzo, Plymouth, MI

October 11 – 13: Lamaze Innovative Learning Forum in New Orleans, LA

October 10: Optimal Outcomes in Women’s Health; Supporting Physiologic Birth,  in Minneapolis, MN

October 4 – 6: LLL of the Sunshine State Conference in Daytona Beach, FL

September 29 – 30: Bringing Light to Motherhood Training, Los Angeles, CA

September 28-29: VBAC Summit, Miami, FL

September 26 – 29: American Association of Birth Centers Conference in Minneapolis, MN

September 25-26: Midwest Lactation Conference, Indianapolis, IN

September 18-22: Trust Birth Conference in Sydney, Australia

August 29 – 30: PSI PMAD Training, Winfield, IL

August 3: Northwest Area Childbirth Educators Forum, Tualatin (Portland), OR

August 2 -3: Squat Birth Journal Squatfest, San Francisco, CA

July 29-30: Bringing Light to Motherhood Training, Los Angeles, CA

July 26-28: Birth Activist Retreat, Salt Lake City, UT

July 25 – 28: International Lactation Consultant Association Annual Conference, Melbourne, Australia

July 19 – 20: DONA International Virtual Conference 2013, ONLINE

June 21 -22: Postpartum Support International Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN

June 21 – 22: Inequity In Breastfeeding Support Summit in Seattle, WA

June 20 and July 9: The Womb-to-World Webinar Series: Advanced Biological Nurturing® Laid-back Breastfeeding, online webinar

June 20-23: 2013 Tongue-Tie Summit,  Orlando, FL

June 19 – 22: Postpartum Support International, Minneapolis, MN

June 15 – 19: AWHONN Annual Convention in Nashville, TN

June 9: The Importance of Core Strength in the Prenatal and Postnatal Client, Elgin, Illinois

June 7 – 9: Breastfeeding and PSI of Washingtion Professional Training, Spokane, WA

June 6 – 7: NY State Perinatal Conference Partnerships for Advocacy & Action: Perinatal Excellence in NYS, Albany, NY

June 5 – 7: Normal Labour and Birth: 8th Research Conference, Grange Over Sands, English Lake District,
May 30 – June 4: ACNM 58th Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN

May 24 – 26: LLL Regional Conference – Southern California/Nevada Region, Newport Beach, CA

May 22 – 24: ISPOG Conference, Berlin Germany

September 28-29: VBAC Summit, Miami, FL

May 17 – 19: LLL Leader Education Weekend and Parent Day, Denver, CO

May 16 – 19: American Association for the History of Medicine Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA

May 14: Partners in Perinatal Health 24th Annual Conference, Norwood, MA

May 5 – 6: California Maternal Mental Health Collaborative, Sacramento, CA

May 4 – 8: ACOG 61th Annual Clinical Meeting in New Orleans, LA

May 3 – 5: United States Lactation Consultant Association Annual Conference in St. Louis, MO

May 2 – 3: Baystate Medical Center Lactation Services Annual Breastfeeding Conference, Holyoke, MA

April 26: A Day with Jack Newman Workshop, Bellaire, MI

April 22 – 27th: Christian Midwives International Conference in Savannah, GA

April 22 – May 31: GOLD Online Conference 2013 ONLINE

April 15 – 16: PSI PMAD Training, Indianapolis, IN

April 11 – 12: Perinatal Professionals Consortium, West Jordan, UT

April 6: LLL of Massachusetts/Rhode Island/Vermont Breastfeeding and Parenting Conference, Lowell, MA

April 4 – 5: PSI PMAD Training, Jacksonville, FL

April 3 – 7: Midwifery Today Conference in Eugene, OR.

April 3 – 6: Breastfeeding; The Gold Standard, New Orleans, LA

March 22: REACHE Conference, in Renton, WA

March 20: New Jersey Birth Network Symposium on Birth Practices in New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ

March 21 – 22: 8th Breastfeeding & Feminism Conference, Chapel Hill, NC

March 18: Boston Association for Childbirth Education & Nursing Mother’s Council Breastfeeding Conference, Boxborough, MA

March 6 – April 6: iLactation Conference, Premies, Priorities, and Practice, ONLINE

March 1 – 3: MANA region 1 Conference in Nashua, NH. Contact for details.

March 1 – 2: CIMS 2013 Forum, Kansas City, MO

February 2-3: When Survivors Give Birth Workshop, Seattle, WA

January 25-26: When Survivors Give Birth Workshop, San Diego, CA

9th International Black Midwives and Healers Conference 2013

updated 01/05/14

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