Lamaze Is Looking to Fund Research on Childbirth Education - Apply Today!

research hero.jpgLamaze International is intentional in offering evidence-based information and education to expecting and new parents through many different sources, including Giving Birth With Confidence parent blog, online classes, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators, parent-focused newsletters, and more.  Additionally, Lamaze supports a variety of programs worldwide that train childbirth educators to teach families about safe and healthy birth. They also offer so many useful resources for educators to use in their classes, from online webinars, infographics, this blog and comprehensive website for professionals and more.

Lamaze funding research on childbirth education

As a result of Lamaze International being grounded in evidence-based information, we recognize the value of thoroughly understanding the impact of a quality, evidence-based childbirth education program on the experiences of class attendees.  Lamaze is committed to supporting research that documents the impact on birth outcomes, patient satisfaction, and/or cost of care.  Lamaze International is looking to fund up to two research grants ($2,000 to $5,000 each) that explore the link between childbirth education and birth outcomes. 

Sample Topics

Below are some possible research topics to explore, but Lamaze is open to any and all ideas:

  • How can we draw a causal link between childbirth education and improved outcomes?
  • Can childbirth education improve birth and breast/chestfeeding outcomes?
  • Does childbirth education improve a person’s birthing confidence?
  • Can childbirth education result in cost-savings?
  • Does childbirth education help people complete early labor at home?
  • Do low-income families have access to childbirth education?
  • What do parents say about childbirth education classes after the class and after the baby is born?
  • Does childbirth education influence health self-efficacy?
  • How does childbirth education influence shared decision-making?
  • What role do complementary therapies play in the effectiveness of childbirth education?
  • What is the effect of teaching evidence-based healthy birth practices?

Improved birth outcomes benefit all

Appropriately, there is a lot of focus amongst maternal-infant health professional on improving maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity especially for families of color and underresourced communities.  Does childbirth education help toward this goal.  Should there be more financial support by government funding programs and private insurance companies? Does childbirth education reduce complications and improve new parenting skills?  Increase breast/chestfeeding initiation rates and support continued breast/chestfeeding? Reduce the cesarean rate?  Research is critical if the case is to be made that a quality childbirth education program is a key component of improved outcomes.

Who is eligible to apply for funding?

  • Graduate and doctoral students in maternal/child nursing or public health and hospital nurses are eligible to apply.
  • Principal Investigators of a federally funded research grant are ineligible to apply.

Grant Application Due Date

February 15, 2019

Grant Award Date

April 12, 2019 (Lamaze International Annual Membership Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA)

Application Process

Use this link to access the online application form. Each applicant may only submit one application.

  1. Investigator information (credentials, certifications, affiliations, employment, publications)
  2. Research question
  3. Background and rationale
  4. Research plan and timeframe
  5. Plan for data access
  6. Plan for data analysis
  7. References in APA format
  8. Recommendation

Apply Today

Do you have some ideas and the desire to research the impact of childbirth education on the family, the birth process and early parenting? Please consider submitting your proposal before the February deadline so that your research can be considered for funding.  Help document the impact and importance of childbirth education. You can find more information on the Lamaze International website.

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