Six Reasons to Apply for Research Funding on Outcomes of Childbirth Education - Proposals Due February 15th

research hero.jpgLamaze International feels very strongly about evidence-based practice that informs community standards and best practice.  The research on outcomes for families who take childbirth education classes is sparse and Lamaze understands the importance of having solid research on this topic as many organizations and people are committed to improving maternal-infant health, especially for families of color who face worse outcomes than their white peers.  Lamaze International is prepared to award funding to two research grants for exploration of the impact and value of evidence-based childbirth education on birth outcomes, patient satisfaction, and/or cost of care.

Here are six great reasons to consider applying:

  1. Research that demonstrates improved maternal-infant outcomes will encourage more participation by families expecting babies, hopefully encouraged by their health care providers.
  2. Positive outcomes may persuade more insurance companies to offer coverage for childbirth education classes.
  3. Initial research may generate increased interest and funding for future projects
  4. Your research efforts can be submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals, a professional win for you!
  5. You can join forces with other perinatal professionals to collaborate on a project of interest to you and a peer(s).
  6. This funded research can generate some additional income for you.

For more information, potential research topics and to learn more about the application process, please check out this page published by our Lamaze Working Research Group here.  The deadline is February 15th, so don't delay in getting your research grant application in.  

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Six Reasons to Apply for Research Funding on Outcomes of Childbirth Education - Proposals Due February 15th