New Lamaze Infographic on Labor Support and Doulas!

Lamaze International has been periodically releasing a comprehensive series of infographics designed to help consumers understand maternal infant best practices.  These easy to read, evidence based infographics can help families to know the facts and supports the “Push for Your Baby” campaign that can help improve birth outcomes.

doula info 1

The newest infographic covering the topic of labor support helps families to understand that building a great support team, including adding a professional doula, can reduce the risk of unwanted interventions and non-medically needed cesareans.  “Who Says Three’s A Crowd"  lets families know that while health care providers can offer emotional support and physiological comfort measures, their responsibilities and patient load may prevent them from offering the continuous support that has been shown to reduce cesareans, need for pitocin, epidurals and improve satisfaction with the birth experience.

Lamaze International’s Healthy Birth Practice #3 “Bring a loved one, friend or doula for continuous support” goes into further detail about the benefits of having good labor support, and includes a short but informative video that supports the third birth practice.  The labor support infographic is a very simple and attractive learning tool that educators can use to teach from or make available in handouts or on the classroom wall for passive learning.

doula info 2

Available infographics include:

Lamaze International provides links to specific infographics for viewing online and makes them available in downloadable “pdf” or “jpeg” formats. Check out the Lamaze International Professionals website here, specifically the infographics page, to see all the infographics.  Parents can find them at the “Push for Your Baby” website.

Have you checked out the infographics?  Have you shared them with your students and clients?  Which one is your favorite?  How do you use them for teaching?  We’d love to hear from you!


New Lamaze Infographic on Labor Support and Doulas!

December 23, 2014 07:00 AM by Emily A Bronson, MA, MPH, LCCE, CD(DONA), CLC
This is great Except there is a small error... The cited research on labor support says there is a reduction in pitocin for augmentation, not for induction.

As a Lamaze educator in traini

July 26, 2015 07:00 AM by Brigid Taylor, LCCE
As a Lamaze educator in training, I plan to use many of these infographics when I start teaching. I love that they are eye-catchinhg, they break down the information to important points, and they cite the evidence.

These are great! I too am a CB

August 6, 2015 07:00 AM by Julie Hancock, LCCE
These are great! I too am a CBE educator-in-training as well as a novice doula and I'm sure these will be a fantastic resource for expectant parents I will come in contact with. Thank you for sharing!

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