Lamaze International Announces Online Education Majority Countries Discount Program

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Online Education Majority Countries Discount Program

Lamaze International is committed to being the global leader in the field of childbirth education.  We support and encourage Lamaze trainings being offered in countries all around the world, wherever there is a need.  As Lamaze programs spread out across the globe, we celebrate the addition of these Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators (LCCEs) representing many cultures. Lamaze International's new "Online Education Majority Countries Discount Program" helps support educators in diverse locations globally.  Majority World or Countries is an alternative term for Developing World, Global South, or Third World. It describes countries in Africa, Asia, South and Central America and the Caribbean more geographically accurately and less pejoratively than other terms previously used.

What is it?

We recognize that many international educators in majority countries cannot afford easily accessible online education on topics relating to childbirth education. In an effort to narrow this gap, Lamaze International is pleased to share our new Majority Countries Discount Program, making much of our online education available for free to educators in these areas. These hours will be valid towards recertification.

Who is eligible for this program?

Eligibility is tied to your location – anyone located in the countries on the United Nations’ Developing Countries list is eligible to take advantage of this program and access education through this discount program. As the United Nations adjusts this list, eligibility may change.

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What activities are included in this discount program?

This discount is valid towards all of the following types of online education:

  • Homestudies
  • On-Demand Learning
  • Webinar Recordings

What do I do to participate?

To participate, just create an account on our Online Education Portal. Click on an activity to view its full description and information. Click “Purchase this course” and check out – that’s it! Our learning system will see your location, and automatically apply the discount for you.


Lamaze International recognizes that our majority country educators can use our support in participating in continuing education opportunities and receiving contact hours for recertification. To support the goal of being the global leader in childbirth education, Lamaze has begun this discount program for majority country educators, where online education is available at no cost.

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