Listening to Mothers III - Just Released Study Shows How Much Work There is Still to Do

Childbirth Connection has just released the Listening to Mothers III study today, and will holding a press conference shortly to share the results.  I plan to listen in and read the study thoroughly to see what the mothers have to say!  Look for a complete post early next week evaluating the current state of pregnancy care, labor, birth postpartum and breastfeeding and how it stacks up to Lamaze International’s Six Healthy Birth Practices.  In the meantime, consider joining the press conference, or reading this new study.  You can also check out the previous two LTM studies to see if things have changed.

Listening to Mothers I

Listening to Mothers II

New!  Listening to Mothers III

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Listening to Mothers III - Just Released Study Shows How Much Work There is Still to Do

May 9, 2013 07:00 AM by Rose Bertrand
Re: Conflicting views: I spent much of my children's lives a sick mom with painful conditions. I forgot once to show up for my shift at a Preschool. I was severely chastised by the teacher later after the school day was over. She told me that I was the first parent ever to not show up to help with the class. My illness and pain made me forgetful and I did my best to deny my pain. I wondered later why she had not just tried calling me to see if I was still planning to come or what. I might have been able to get there to help. That was decades ago and I still feel the sting of her severe and angry judgement of me.

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