Lamaze’s Roundtable Report Continues the Conversation and the Call to Action

roundtable cover.jpgBy Molly Giammarco, Senior Manager of Lamaze Government Relations

Today, Lamaze International released a report that captures the discussion from its 2015 Childbirth Education Roundtable as well as outlines some of Lamaze’s strategic initiatives for increasing access to childbirth education. Lamaze’s Roundtable on Childbirth Education brought together many maternal and newborn health thought-leaders to discuss the status of U.S. childbirth outcomes--and the role that childbirth education plays in improving these outcomes.

Roundtable participants generated a thought-provoking and energetic discussion on the collective effort to address many alarming U.S. childbirth trends. The ongoing national and local initiatives are promising--and Lamaze’s quest to increase access to evidence-based childbirth education is paramount to these efforts. The Roundtable discussion strengthened the call to action to improve the status quo. In doing so, Lamaze generated three action items that will serve as a springboard to increasing access to childbirth education:

  1. Engage the Consumer: Meet women where they are;
  2. Make the Case through Evidence: Identify data gaps; develop a long-term research strategy for the efficacy of childbirth education;
  3. Collaborate with stakeholders, payers, and providers: Become a resource; identify mutual opportunities and needs.

Just as local and national organizations collaborate to address childbirth outcomes, Lamaze looks to its own experts--you. Look for opportunities to get involved--and don’t hesitate to reach out with ideas and suggestions. What are you seeing on the ground? What is working in your community to improve childbirth outcomes? What can Lamaze do to make its resources more accessible?

This Report lays the groundwork for Lamaze’s goal to become a national leader in improving childbirth outcomes. It’s ambitious and challenging, but there is no doubt that Lamaze’s members are up to the task.

 For more information, contact Molly Giammarco, Senior Manager of Lamaze Government Relations:

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