Lamaze Infographics Help Families Understand and Ask for Safe & Healthy Births

cpcp2.jpgCreating and providing interesting and engaging activities and handouts for pregnant families is just one challenge of many for childbirth educators.  You want the information you share to be current, useful and affordable.

Finding materials to share with patients, clients or students in your childbirth classes if you are an educator, can often be time consuming and unproductive.  Lamaze International has you covered.  Lamaze International is an evidence based program that has a multitude of resources for both professionals and parents. While membership in Lamaze allows professionals to access additional resources and products, the Lamaze Printing Store is open to everyone and offers many products that help families to understand and ask for a safe and healthy birth.  

In the Lamaze Printing Store, you can find many useful items.  There are 12 tear pads of the popular Lamaze International Infographics.  Each tear pad contains 50 sheets of high quality, color sheets that you can share with families.  

  • Who Says Three's a Crowd? Bring the Labor Support You Need
  • Who Should Be My Pregnancy Care Provider?
  • What's the Deal with Cesareans?
  • Keep Calm and Labor On! (Early Labor)
  • Can Good Intentions Backfire in Labor (Electronic Fetal Monitoring)
  • Is an Epidural My Only Option?
  • The Straight Scoop on Inductions
  • No Food, No Drink During Labor? No Way!
  • We Like to Move It, Move It! (Moving in Labor)
  • Wait for Baby's Weight and Bond with Baby First!
  • Six Simple Steps for a Healthy and Safe Birth
  • VBAC - Yes, It's an Option!

All of these tear sheets are also available in Spanish for your Spanish speaking families.

In addition to the tearsheet pads, there are also two large sized posters suitable for hanging in your teaching or office space. Currently the two posters are not available in Spanish.

  • The Straight Scoop on Inductions
  • Six Simple Steps for a Healthy and Safe Birth

Lamaze Separating Mom from Baby Infographic Image.jpgEvery Lamaze infographic, available as either a poster or as part of a tear pad, contains current, accurate information and easy to understand language accompanied by engaging images and icons.  The entire series is cohesive and coordinated.  At the bottom of each sheet, the cited research is included that supports the statements made on that topic.  While all of the infographics are available here for viewing and downloading, this is an extremely cost effective way to have them printed and available without a lot of cost or hassle for you.

Today's families deserve evidence based care and they can take the handouts you provide with them to a prenatal appointment to help guide them in asking for and discussing the treatment and care they want.

You can also use these tear sheets during childbirth class activities, to help create engaging and interactive learning tasks that help families to understand how they can have a healthy and safe birth.

Have you ordered these tear sheets before?  How are you using them in your classes and with your patients and clients?  Let us know in the comments section about what you are doing and what the families you work with are saying about this useful product.


Lamaze Infographics

January 17, 2017 06:00 PM by Monica Alexander RNC

We have utilized the updated Lamaze Six Simple Steps for a Healthy and Safe Birth into our hospital taught Prepared Childbirth Classes.  This has brought back excellent feedback from our students. They report it also helped them to discuss issues they were not aware of with their obstetric providers. Thank you for this very useful tool.

Thanks Monica

January 18, 2017 11:37 AM by Sharon Muza, BS, LCCE, FACCE, CD(DONA), BDT(DONA), CLE

Thank you for letting us know that you find the printed infographics helpful!  I do too, and I know parents appreciate them as well!  Best wishes, Sharon

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