Free Informational Webinar on Lamaze International's Evidence-Based Labor Support for Nurses Workshop.

webinar hero.jpgDo you have one hour next Wednesday, February 27th from 2pm to 3pm ET to attend an informational webinar about Lamaze International's Evidence-Based Labor Support for Nurses Workshop? Join Presenters Gladys Ellett, Jessica Deeb, and Maria Brooks for a free webinar to learn how to use this valuable workshop in your hospital to make a positive impact on birth experiences and health outcomes. Participants will receive an in-depth overview and preview of the workshop content and presenter materials, plus the opportunity to engage in Q&A with workshop presenters. If your schedule does not allow attendance live, you can view a recording after the presentation is completed.  

Labor and delivery nurses play an essential role in ensuring healthy, satisfying birth, and breastfeeding initiation. The Lamaze Evidence-Based Labor Support for Nurses Workshop educates labor and delivery nurses to create the bridge between knowledge and practice!  If you were to offer this workshop in your community, you would be reaching nurses who are working directly with laboring and birthing parents every day on the unit.  You would be sharing information about current best practices and help them to offer evidence-based care to the families that can support safe and healthy birth. This workshop is a great way to inspire and motivate nurses to provide the care that they went into nursing to provide – it’s a way to help them reconnect with their primary motivation in being a nurse.

This one-hour webinar shares information about the entire eight-hour workshop.  The Lamaze Evidence-Based Labor Support for Nurses Workshop's learning outcomes and objectives include: 

Learning Outcome: Labor and delivery nurses will provide evidence-based labor support and promote best practices for safe, satisfying and healthy birth and breastfeeding initiation.


  • Discuss birth satisfaction and its significance
  • Discuss the RN’s role in contributing to birth satisfaction and outcomes
  • Describe physiologic labor and birth
  • Evaluate intrapartum practices according to standards of evidence-based care.
  • Describe the role of the nurse in promoting physiologic labor and birth
  • Practice a wide variety of evidence-based labor support techniques that both enhance labor progress and decrease pain
  • Describe evidence-based strategies for supporting a laboring person during second stage
  • Describe the birth practices that serve as barriers and facilitators to optimal breastfeeding outcomes
  • Identify strategies for improving patient satisfaction and implementing perinatal quality improvement measures

You do not need to be a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator to teach this workshop. A hospital can purchase it and then have an eligible presenter teach it; or an eligible individual can purchase a license and then take the show on the road and offer it at a price point that feels good to them.  More pricing information and the application for a license can be found here.

Lamaze International will be doing a Workshop Presenter Training at the upcoming LamazeLIVE event for those people who are preparing to become presenters of the Evidence-Based Care for Nurses workshop.  In this six-hour pre-con session, presenters can receive training and instruction to feel prepared to teach.  There will be a demo of the workshop and discussion on the key issues/strategies for presenting and creating change in various institutions. 





As a childbirth educator, you are already reaching families.  Now is your chance to also direct to information to the health care providers who work directly with those families. A great way to bring evidence-based information full circle.  Please consider registering today and catching the introduction webinar live or recorded.



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