How Low Can You Go? An Educator Activity Challenge

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Regular contributor Stacie BinghamLCCE, CD(DONA), CBS(LER), and I are sisters from different mothers as they say.  While having never met her in person, I have spent hours and hours collaborating with her both online and on the phone as we discuss teaching ideas and materials for our Lamaze classes.  Stacie is one of the most creative educators I know and I always learn so much from her and get great ideas to try in my Lamaze classes.  Science & Sensibility readers all have delighted from many of Stacie's ideas in the monthly series "Brilliant Activities for Birth Educators."

Stacie had a thought about challenging Science & Sensibility readers to come up with a fantastic new teaching activity using regular items that one can buy in any store.  Together we are always delighting in collecting unusual props and acquiring inexpensive materials for exciting and effective teaching activities. We celebrate when we can save money and find a true bargain that we can use for teaching. We talked further and came up with the "How Low Can You Go Challenge" for any educator who wants to play.  We hope to demonstrate, with your help, that engaging learners in perinatal topics does not have to cost a lot of money for expensive supplies!

The Challenge

We invite any educators from any organization to create a new teaching activity for a childbirth, breastfeeding, parenting or newborn caring class.  The materials and supplies for this teaching activity must be purchased and not cost more than $20 US dollars.  The activity should be creative, engaging, interactive and based on best practice and evidence.


  1. The activity must be appropriate for anyone who is pregnant or in the first year postpartum.
  2. All materials must be readily available for purchase in a typical community.
  3. You must save a copy of your receipt showing your purchases to submit with your entry. Your total cost must not exceed $20.00.  
  4. Standard teaching supplies do not need to be purchased - for example, pens, paper, uterus, fetus, pelvis, tape to hang posters, etc. if these are items that would be already owned by the educator.
  5. Plan on supplying six families with the materials needed to conduct the activity.
  6. The activity should be creative, engaging, interactive and based on best practice and evidence.
  7. As a contest participant, you must be willing to have your idea shared on this blog and provide a picture and bio of yourself if selected for publication.
  8. If this is NOT your original idea, you must provide credit to the idea creator.
  9. You may submit as many ideas as you want, but each one is a separate submission.

What to Submit

  • A copy of your receipt showing how much you spent
  • A description of what you purchased and where (links appreciated)
  • A simple and brief outline of the activity which should include:
    • a title for your activity
    • complete this sentence – "At the end of this activity, the participants will be able to....<insert learning objective(s)>
    • who is the audience
    • when it should be done
    • how long it takes to conduct
    • materials needed - images helpful
    • what does the educator do to facilitate the activity
    • what do the class participants do during the activity
  • an electronic copy of any and all material receipts.
  • any supporting photos of the activity being conducted is welcome

Deadline and Submission address

All entries should be emailed to Sharon Muza and will be will be accepted through 11:59 PM PST on February 4th, 2018.


A judging committee that includes Stacie, me and others will pick the winner(s) who will have their idea highlighted in an upcoming "Brilliant Activities for Birth Educators" post.


If your submission is selected for a post, you will receive a gift certificate for $25 to the Lamaze International Print Shop and some Lamaze swag.


Facilitating engaging activities for perinatal or parenting classes does not require expensive teaching aides.  Many educators are masters at offering fun class activities using low-cost materials.  We want to hear your ideas.  Consider submitting as many submissions as you want.  We can't wait to hear what you all come up with.

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