Because... A Poem Honoring Cesarean Awareness Month

CAM 2015 GBWCGiving Birth with Confidence is the sister blog to Science & Sensibility, Lamaze International and is geared for parents and new families.  Cara Terreri, ( you may remember Cara, we followed her journey to becoming an LCCE) has been the Community Manager there since the blog was first established in 2008.  I always point the families in my classes to Giving Birth with Confidence because I know that they will find evidence based information along with great inspiration to push for a safe and healthy birth.

Cara recently wrote and published a poem on Giving Birth With Confidence to commemorate Cesarean Awareness Month (April), and it really spoke to me.  Since April is also National Poetry Month, I wanted to share her poem with you, in hopes that you might pass on and share with the families you work with.  Because 1 in 3 is too many.


1 in 3 is too many

Recovery is hard

My birth was still a birth

I want to have a VBAC

My scar still hurts

I was separated from my baby

My doula supported me in the OR

I didn't have a choice

I got to experience skin to skin with my baby right away

I made the choice this time

I wish I would have known

I feel cheated

My doctor never told me this could happen

It's going to be OK

My sister said this was easier anyway

My midwife made the right decision to transfer to the hospital

Friends told me at least I had a healthy baby

I have postpartum depression

It was the best decision for my birth

My husband has scars too

I'm embarrassed

My doula wasn't allowed back into the OR

I failed the one thing I'm supposed to be able to do as a woman

My mom had one too; I guess it was meant to happen

I know my doctor helped me make the best decision

I want more for my daughter

I am a source of courage and support for others who have gone before me and those who will go after me

I did the best that I could with the knowledge I had at the time

I'm doing better now

My baby is beautiful

My body is strong

I am resilient

My birth matters

By Cara Terreri

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What a lovely combination of c

April 11, 2015 07:00 AM by Heather Swartz
What a lovely combination of cesarean awareness with the lovely art of poetry. I like to incorporate art into my classes, as a more tactile route to learning for those who benefit more from this than lecture, etc. I gained my inspriration for working through birth hardships from the book Birthing From Within, which approaches art as a means of healing from births that did not go as expected. I also see the benefit of writing for healing or writing to come to terms with transformation. Regarding the beauty of birth, one poem I read to class occasionally that I think is so beautiful is: Ordinary Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver I have mourned lost days When I accomplished nothing of importance. But not lately. Lately under the lunar tide Of a womanâ??s ocean, I work My own sea-change: Turning grains of sand to human eyes. I daydream after breakfast While the spirit of egg and toast Knits together a length of bone As fine as a wheatstalk. Later, as I postpone weeding the garden I will make two hands That may tend a hundred gardens. I need ten full moons exactly For keeping the animal promise. I offer myself up: unsaintly, but Transmuted anyway By the most ordinary miracle. I am nothing in this world beyond the things one woman does. But here are eyes that once were pearls. And here is a second chance where there was none.

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