Science And Sensibility; Words To Live By

Science is simply common sense at its best.  ~Thomas Huxley

Science.  Sensibility.  Science and sensibility are good words.  I gravitate to these words naturally.  These words offer me security, comfort and a feeling of order in the world.  I am delighted and honored to be the new Community Manager for Lamaze International’s Science and Sensibility blog and every time I think of the name of the blog I smile, because it feels like coming home.  It defines what I think is important in the work that I do as a childbirth educator and doula.

Science and sensibility is the crux of why I became a Lamaze certified childbirth educator.  The foundation of Lamaze and the principles that guide the work of this blog and of the entire Lamaze organization are built on quality research.  I am proud when I teach The Six Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices in my own classes and I can share the citations that support each practice.  This is the kind of information that should guide informed decision-making by the families that we work with and research that should guide protocols and practice by the health care providers who families trust to care for them during the childbearing year.

I just finished teaching a three day Passion for Birth childbirth educator workshop working with men and women who are on the path to becoming Lamaze certified childbirth educators.  During the workshop, we dedicate time to discuss research.  What makes a good study?  What are reliable sources for information?  How to understand the research?  Vocabulary words like “peer reviewed” and “randomized controlled trial” and other terms are discussed.  We want new educators to feel comfortable looking at research, understanding research and being able to apply current information in their classes as they work with new families.  The workshop attendees often state that they are intimidated, scared and confused about interpreting a research study.  They are not sure how to jump in or what to look for.  Here’s where this blog, Science and Sensibility, can really shine!  Science and Sensibility can help take the mystery out of reading the current research and help new educators, experienced educators, other professionals and interested parents to feel confident about understanding articles and research that impacts new families.

 The purpose of this blog, since it’s inception, has been to highlight current research on pregnancy, maternity care, birth, parenting and breastfeeding topics.  To share important studies, to break them down, provide a common-sense approach to the material, which is often covered in rather technical terms.  And this…this, is what really makes me feel good.  This mission is what makes me absolutely thrilled to be in the role of Community Manager.  To follow in the footsteps of the previous Community Managers, Amy Romano and Kimmelin Hull, who have worked hard to bring you the research, to highlight important studies and to demonstrate how Lamaze supports and incorporates this information and makes it available to educators, parents and the community at large in the work that it does as a leader in the childbirth education arena promoting normal birth.

My goals for this blog are to:

  • Continue to profile current research.
  • Present research in a matter of fact way with resources for when you want more information.
  • Bring you guest bloggers who are experts in their field, inviting them to share their expertise.
  • Reach out to the investigators themselves, in order to get the inside scoop on the research.
  • Help you to learn more about the leaders and organizations that are on the front lines of improving care for mothers and their babies.
  • Recognize that issues of pregnancy, birth and parenting are global in nature.
  • Follow the science and make it understandable and relevant to you.
  • Do all of this in entertaining, enjoyable ways.

I invite you to participate with me on this journey. I call on you to share your thoughts, ask your questions, and suggest topics to be explored.  Consider contributing your own ideas by becoming a guest blogger. Let me know who you want to hear from and what you want to know more about.  This blog belongs to all of us and requires the participation of many to make it as rich and successful as it has been and can continue to be.  I am excited about the possibilities and opportunities that await me and all of us.  Together, we can be sure that the science is understandable and that future educators embrace the opportunity to comprehend important research, discuss with others and share with families.

Let’s begin!




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  1. | #1

    Hi Sharon – Welcome to Science & Sensibility! So interesting to get to know you better in this personal posting! Good luck to you!

  2. | #2

    Welcome to Science & Sensibility! I look forward to reading your posts.

  3. | #3

    Thank you Robin, your support means a lot to me.

  4. | #4

    Thank you Kathy, you have been so gracious and kind during my transition. I very much appreciate it and look forward to collaborating with you and having guest posts from you as we move forward. You have some great ideas I am looking forward to reading about.

  5. avatar
    Connie Sultana
    | #5

    Thank you for taking on this labor of love with S&S. I wanted to share that the greatest help S&S offers me is a look at current research and then value and faults to the study and what it means for me as an educator.

  6. | #6

    Thanks Connie! I agree, and I think we both will learn a lot! Looking forward to it!

  7. avatar
    Jan Madsen
    | #7

    Well written, Sharon. I appreciate your desire to make research understanding and relevant in an entertaining way. I look forward to following your posts.

  8. | #8

    Welcome Sharon! You’ve expressed why I choose Lamaze over any other CBE program – Science and Sensibility. I can’t wait to read your writings. All my best to you.

  9. | #9

    Thanks Deena, I had been a cbe for 6 years and never found my “home” until I discovered Lamaze. I love sharing it with expectant families!

  10. | #10

    Congrats, Sharon! I look forward to your work here.

  11. | #11

    Thank you, Well-Rounded Mama! Thanks for your note! I am excited too! I enjoy your blog and website and look forward to some possible collaboration between us. A guest post might be a great idea, if you are interested! Sharon

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