Policy for Science & Sensibility

November 17th, 2010

Community Manager, Contributors (guest and regular) and Commenters shall abide by the following policies in their interactions on this blog site:

  • All blog post articles designed to present statistical information or offer best practices advice for maternity care professionals must be consistent with up-to-date, evidence-based research and/or be consistent with Lamaze International’s Six Healthy Birth Practices.
  • Comments on blog posts must be constructive and non-inflammatory.  Critiquing and debating is appropriate; defaming and attacking is not.  
  • Comments should be relevant to the topic of the blog post and/or the comments of other participants.
  • Comments posted to Science & Sensibility (dissenting or confirming) do not necessarily reflect the ideals or viewpoint of the blog Community Manager, contributors, or Lamaze International.
  • Posted comments that fail to uphold these policies may be removed by the sole discretion of the Community Manager in effort to maintain the professional nature of this blog site.
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