Open Thread: “Normal Labour & Birth Research Conference”-style

Normal Labour & Birth Conference

As many of my readers already know, I have been invited by the organizers of the Normal Labour & Birth 5th International Research Conference to attend the meeting and blog about the proceedings. I’ve been poring over the abstracts of the conference getting extremely excited to meet the researchers and write about their work. I’ve also been hearing from readers who will be attending the conference. I can’t wait!

I’ll be writing a more “official” post about the conference soon, but in the meantime I am leaving this as an open thread. Leave a comment about whatever you’d like.

People who will be attending the conference, feel free to use the comment thread to connect with other attendees and talk about logistics (roommates, socializing, etc.). Whether or not you’re attending, let us know what you think about the conference program, tell us which sessions you are most interested in, ask your burning questions about normal birth research, or share your favorite spots in Vancouver.

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    Hélène Vadeboncoeur is on the program. She made quite an impression on me at the 2009 CIMS Forum.

    Amy, good luck keeping up with everything. You’re doing great.

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    Being from Seattle, it’d be easy to take a day trip to Vancouver for the conference, but unfortunately, I’ll be doing intensive clinicals for midwifery school. Sad that both were scheduled to overlap and being so close geographically to one another. If I were able to attend the conference, I’d want to see the sessions on: Mobilizing women to change maternity services, Birth Kits: Do they Improve Outcomes for Mothers and Babies in Less Developed Countries, Evaluation of a short cognitive intervention in patients with signs of postnatal depression, Henci’s talk obviously, The Cascade of Intervention and its impact on women’s opportunities for normal birth, and The Role of Online Communities in Women’s Choices of Birth Place and Attendant. Wish I could be there. More so, I wish I had been able to submit an abstract for the poster session. That would have been a perfect opportunity to present the poster with the Birth Survey findings.

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    Teri Shilling
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    Aren’t both Sharon Dalrymple (president of Lamaze) and Debra Bingham (president-elect) on the program? What an honor for them and for Lamaze. I would love to know the highlights of their presentations!

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    I’ll be there! I can’t wait! Would love to connect with other attendees.

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    Teri, yes Debra and Sharon will be presenting about research that documented that childbirth educators and childbearing women have different ideas about what constitutes a natural birth, or a normal birth for that matter. They’ll also talk about the implications of these differences for empowering women to make informed decisions about their care. I’ve already asked them to contribute a post about their research to the blog and have my fingers crossed.

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    Jenne, that’s truly a shame about the conflict with your intensive clinicals. Poor planning by the midwifery school. Midwife students belong at this conference! I’ll do my best to document it for you and your classmates. I’m hoping to do some video, too.

    Thanks for listing your favorite sessions. I’m interested in the Birth Kits one as well. Right before I went to midwifery school, when I was working for an international nonprofit, I traveled to Uganda to develop a marketing plan to sell subsidized Birth Kits in local markets. It was the first maternal-child health project I ever worked on. It will be very full-circle for me to hear about that research!

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    Teri Shilling
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    Thanks Amy!
    I am so proud that Lamaze has speakers on the program!
    I live halfway between Seattle and Vancouver if anyone is adding on travel days, stop by for a cup of coffee and birth talk!

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    Since I’m speaking and part of Lamaze too, that gives Lamaze a triple play at this very prestigious conference. Go Team Lamaze!

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    Jeanne Madrid, CPM
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    I’m a midwife and I have worked with the American Red Cross in different capacities. One time when training with disaster services we assimilated a normal birth happening. It was pretty wild to say the least. Did you know that the ARC had a childbirth class years ago? I did some research and was able to obtain the manuals. From what I was told, the ARC used to offer the class at the San Diego base to the pregnant wives of the military men.
    My question: Is anyone currently networking with the ARC supporting pregnant women and babies during times of a disaster to be able to have a normal labor and delivery?

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    I am not attending, but sending Ken, as we are steeped in a response to the home birth meta analysis recently published in the ACOG journal, exactly a day after we sent out a congratulations to all of the Certified Professional Midwives of North america for taking part in a study that has now been accessed over 185,000 times from the British Medical JOurnal, and every time there is a controversial new study …lots more. I am in Frankfurt working on a study on vaginal breech births on hands and knees like I learned from traditional midwives 34 years ago. Conferences are great, but sometimes just doing the work is as satisfying. Sorry to be missing you Henci.

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    Erika Laquer
    | #11

    I’m here – loving Patty Jannson’s talk – looking for Amy from Conn. -‘m from Mass.

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