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Lamaze Connections @Robin Elise WeissRobin Elise Weiss, MPH, LCCE, FACCE,  writes a guest post on a exciting new feature on the Lamaze International website for LCCEs. Learn more about Robin on her website.

If you haven’t noticed, there is a whole new section for educators on the Lamaze International site called Lamaze Connections. To get started, you must first be a member and log in at: http://lamazeinternational.org (You’ll see the words Log In in the upper right hand corner.)

Once you are logged in there are several things that you can do but today we’re going to talk about your Member Profile and Communities.  To get to your member profile, once you’ve logged in, select Member Center and use the drop down box to go to Member Profile.  Then you’ll see the basics of your membership profile. If you click edit you can do some amazing things from adding a photo and customizing your signature file to be used in internal communications, but you can also talk about your education, certifications and when and where you teach.  (There is even a spot to say that you’re not currently teaching, should you have a family crisis or be off having your own baby.) You can even add your blog, your favorite links or your Twitter feed. The beauty of this is that you can manage it yourself. You don’t have to ask for help or wait for someone else to do it. You can do it at whatever time is convenient for you.

I love having the ability to read about what others are doing, which make another feature very handy, it’s called My Communities. Again, once logged in, go to Member Center and use the pull down menu to go to the My Communities.  Here you can select some predetermined interest groups and topics.  These include:

  • Lamaze Board of Directors
  • Lamaze Childbirth Education Programs
  • Lamaze Committees
  • Lamaze Public Topics
    • Lamaze Public Discussion Forum:Lamaze Innovative Learning Forum 2012
    • Lamaze Public Discussion Forum:Birth Networks Special Interest Group
    • Lamaze Public Discussion Forum:International Special Interest Group
    • Lamaze Public Discussion Forum:Lamaze Certification
    • Lamaze Public Discussion Forum:Spanish Speaking Educators Special Interest Group
    • Lamaze Public Discussion Forum:Teaching Tips and Challenges

As you can see it’s a diverse group of topics to meet around and talk with other Lamaze members. This is a great way to meet other people who share similar interests to you, even when they don’t live down the street. You can even connect with other members using a My Network functions, similar to LinkedIn.  Here you can choose to follow other members to see what they are doing and/or connect with them. You can search by groups, committees, names, regions and other factors. Remember, all of this is new for us, that means we’re all just figuring out what it can do, but just think of the possibilities!

Robin Elise Weiss, MPH, LCCE, FACCE


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    Thanks Robin, for providing us information about this very useful resource and thank you Lamaze for the new website and including this feature! Have *YOU* created and updated your profile, readers of S&S? Poke around and give it a try.

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    I didn’t know about this so thanks very much for the information!

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