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Follow Along With The Lamaze International 2013 Conference- #Lamaze13

October 11th, 2013 by avatar

Cara Terreri and Sharon Muza

Lamaze International 2013 Conference has just started in New Orleans, LA and the excitement and positive energy is palpable!  Dr. Richard Waldman is sharing the perspective of his many years as an OB/Gyn, and former president of ACOG at the opening keynote session.  Educators, L&D Nurses, doctors, midwives, IBCLCs, doulas and others have all gathered to celebrate mothers and babies and promote safe and healthy birth for families everywhere.

There will be a lot of chances to engage with social media for educators who are here and those who are reading at home. Twitter will be the biggest part using the #Lamaze13 hashtag. We hope that you’ll read along there, but also know that there are many vocal people who are speakers, LCCEs, and others attending that you can specifically follow both this weekend and going forward.  Consider adding these names to your Twitter lists to catch the skinny on the conference, and here from those on site.  Folks may also be posting on Facebook using the same hashtag, so you can also catch up there!

I am glad that Giving Birth With Confidence Community Manager Cara Terreri and I are here in NOLA to share with you and experience the great networking and learning opportunities at this year’s conference

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Are you at the conference?  Add your twitter profile to our comments section below if you are adding to the social media conference buzz!  Share all the great take-aways and join the fun!  And also, the poster with the most retweets wins a prize at the close of the conference on Sunday!  So have at it!


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Share Your Favorite 2013 Birth Conferences with Science & Sensibility

January 16th, 2013 by avatar


Science & Sensibility is in the process of compiling a comprehensive calendar of all the 2013 conferences that might be of interest to our wide variety of readers and we want your input.  Do you belong to an organization that is having a conference in 2013? Do you have a favorite conference that you look forward to attending year after year?  Is there a dream conference that you have always wanted to attend that you think our blog readers might like to know about?

I love to attend conferences, (Lamaze International’s is one of my very favorites) and love to read through all my choices every year. I also know that obtaining contact hours and hearing the newest information, brought to me by leaders in maternity care topics is essential to being current and up to date.  Also, it energizes me to be with others who share my professional interests.

If you would like your organization’s conference to be considered for inclusion in our conference calendar of items of interest to birth professionals of all sorts, please send an email to  me with the information listed below.

Yes!  I have a conference you should know about!


Please send an email to Sharon Muza, S&S Community Manager, with the following information (or as much of it as you have) if you have a recommendation for a 2013 conference to be included in Science & Sensibility’s comprehensive list.

Organization Name

Organization Website

Conference Date

Conference Location (City and State)

Conference Title (if known)

Other information you feel is important

Deadline for submission is Friday, January 24th, 2013.

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2012 Lamaze Innovative Learning Forum Abstract Deadline

February 24th, 2012 by avatar

The abstract submission deadline for the 2012 Lamaze Innovative Learning Forum is March 5. This year, Lamaze is looking for presentations and hands-on sessions that build transferable skills among conference attendees. A select number of proposals are being accepted for this new conference format; please review the submission guidelines prior to submitting your abstract.

Share your expertise with hundreds of like-minded, passionate colleagues – submit your abstract online today!

We look forward to seeing you October 26-28 in Nashville, TN, to experience the new 2012 Lamaze Innovative Learning Forum: “Safe and Healthy Birth: The Music of Our Head, Heart and Hands.”

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Lamaze International 2011 Annual Conference Roundup

September 20th, 2011 by avatar

Wow.  What a fast and furious three days in Fort Worth, Texas!  Over the course of the Lamaze International 2011 annual conference, attendees had the opportunity to attend four keynote addresses, choose from 32 breakout sessions, view 5 showings of new films on pregnancy, birth and the immediate postpartum period, network with each other during numerous social gatherings and, yes, even take in some of the local Texan honky tonk culture.  We practiced prenatal yoga together (even though only a small portion in attendance were actually pregnant!), and learned the basics of Dancing for Birth.  Pre-conference attendees were able to complete their Lamaze Childbirth Educator Seminar training or attend one of two workshops: Evidence-Based Nursing Care ~ Labor Support Skills, or Reality Birth ~ Educate, Advocate, Motivate!

Of course it is difficult to capture the essence of a conference experience in one short article, so the sessions I’ll mention here are meant to be just a sampling, rather than an all-inclusive summary.

Dr. Rebecca Ewing’s opening address introduced  us to a new educational film recently created by the Northern New England Perinatal Quality Improvement Network (NNEPQIN), with the intent to bring awareness to the potential risks associated with induced preterm birth.  The keynote address by Debra Pascali-Bonaro was an inspiring overview of the International MotherBaby Organization and the amazing work it does around the world.  Liz DeMaere spoke to us about the MORE OB program which focuses on improving the quality of obstetric care.  Dr. Susan Markel spoke about non-evidence-based practices of the immediate newborn period, from a pediatrician’s perspective.  Donna Hartley’s concluding keynote address called upon the audience to lay out a concrete plan for how each of us can proceed in fulfilling our potential and reaching our goals.

Dr. Rixa Freeze provided an excellent discussion on taking a proactive approach to breastfeeding support in which she reminded us of the fact that our culture has generally lost the “language of breastfeeding”—making  our work to support these mother-baby dyads more complicated.  Wendy Schiffer’s discussion on how to approach discussions about pregnancy, normal birth and fertility awareness in children in a manner that fills the gaps left by traditional public/private elementary school sex education curricula was fantastic.  It’s never too early to help girls and young women gain a better understanding of how their bodies work, and the great potential for what our bodies can and do accomplish on a regular basis.  And many of us found great value (and fun, while practicing!)  in the presentation on acupressure applications during late pregnancy, birth and the immediate postpartum period—presented Lamaze International Past President, Sharon Dalrymple and her l&d nursing colleagues Haley McEache and Lindsay Snodgrass.

On a personal level, I have to admit that attending the conference was particularly fulfilling as I was able to meet and interact with Lamaze folks who live all over the country and who I had previously only interacted with via telephone or social media.  While social media allows us to make the world a smaller place in some ways, it also distances us from the personal interactions that keep us human.  Seizing the opportunity to come together in one place, at one time, revitalizes our human sensibilities; it refocuses our commonalities and our common goals.

Next year’s annual conference is scheduled to take place in Charleston, SC.  Did you miss this year’s conference?  Are you intrigued by what Lamaze International does, what our mission is, and how we go about promoting safe and healthy birth?  If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then I encourage you to join us next year in Charleston.  I know I’m already looking forward to it!



Posted by:  Kimmelin Hull, PA, LCCE, FACCE

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Healthy Communications, Marketing and Media: A Review of the CDC’s Fifth Annual Confernece on How to Harness the Power of VariousMedia for Health Promotion

September 13th, 2011 by avatar

Pregnancy and childbirth exploded onto the web scene in the very early 90s. I know because I was here participating in that explosion. I had no idea how dramatically it would change the way I worked as a childbirth educator and how it would alter how women received information about birth.

One of the most amazing things is how it’s brought so many like-minded individuals together and brought them into some amazing groups. I had a chance to spend some time with a group of people that felt very similarly to the way I feel about using technology as a part of health education, but a group that just a few years ago I never would have seen myself as a part of – the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

They recently hosted their fifth annual Healthy Communications, Marketing and Media conference in Atlanta. It was so amazing to be there with 1200 others and all talking about how to use the power of the Internet to reach more and more people and to do so effectively. I learned many amazing things while I was there and met some amazing people, but I wanted to share some really interesting points from the conference:

  • Parents are all different.There was a whole session on how different parents are as individuals in a group. This is one of those duh moments; of course parents are different. But stop and ask yourself, is your class or is your information set up to recognize, celebrate and accommodate these differences? Or are your classes and messages the same all the time? These differences go beyond the obvious, moms are different than dads, but even within a group of mothers, you’ll have significant differences that should dictate how you convey  information. Knowing what to do will depend on how well you know your audience.   Examples might include a different reading level or health literacy levels; written and verbal information; online and in class and many other types of interactions.
  • It’s not enough just to show up.Sometimes we think that simply owning a Twitter account or a Facebook account is enough. We put out a tidbit or fact and call it a day. Sure, someone is going to see that and perhaps even forward it on, but your reach will be very limited. What really matters is conversation. Having that conversation about a subject is key. If a user has a question and you discuss that question and answer, that’s going to go much further than you simply putting a posted fact on your Facebook wall. So engage people around your topics.
  • Storytelling is important.In birth work, telling stories has always been something that we do. In childbirth class, I’ll share a snippet of a birth story to illustrate a point. It’s natural and works well with what my goals are for class. But how does this translate to the web? Storytelling has some really neat applications on the web, particularly through transmedia storytelling, the use of multiple platforms to tell a single story.
  • Fail faster. The original intent of this message was that we spend a lot of time, perhaps years, on a project and then go overboard trying to make it succeed. This can be problematic because we don’t stick to the original outline and therefore can’t really figure out if the plan really worked or if it was the modification, etc. What I’m using this for in my world is that I should branch out and try different things. Don’t get comfortable or complacent. If something doesn’t work, it’s okay. Failure is a lesson and only a problem when you repeatedly do the same thing, failing over and over without making changes.
  • Above all, listen. The theme for the conference was “Listen for Change.” And the message of listening really permeated the sessions. This is truly a key element. If we aren’t listening to those we are serving, are we really serving them? Do you ask your childbirth classes what information they want? Or do you simply serve up what’s on your curriculum? While it is certainly important to have the basics covered, have you considered adding a component of choice in? Perhaps allot a 15 minutes segment at the end of each class and allow students to choose from a variety of topics. While I wouldn’t put something core like comfort measures here, perhaps you have segments like baby wearing and anatomy of a breast pump as examples of options. The first night of class have 8-10 options, allow everyone 2-3 dots to “vote” for their favorites, and the “winners” are the topics taught. This is just one example of how to listen.

Overall this conference was an amazing and inspiring adventure. I would highly recommend that you attend this conference next year if you have any interest in media and health, from social media, to commercials, to news – there was something for everyone. The pace was very fast with 3 presenters for every 90 minute session, a definite change. The Twitter stream was lively, something I’m not used to for my usual conference attendings, but it really helped me feel like I was able to listen to many more sessions. So help me out on this last point and help me rip up the Twitter stream for the upcoming Lamaze Conference (#lamazemeet). I’ll look for you there.


Posted by:  Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE, FACCE is a childbirth educator in Louisville, KY. She lives there with her husband and eight children. While not playing with the kids she’s writing books and hanging out on Twitter. You can find her at http://pregnancy.about.com and @RobinPregnancy.

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